Clare Songbirds Publishing Submission Requirements

Clare Songbirds Publishing House accepts manuscripts from poets and authors, both established and emerging.  Publication is dependant solely on the quality of work.  Due to the COVID pandemic, wait times for the reading of submissions is lengthy.  Please be patient while we review your work.  




Please read and follow guidelines carefully.​  Manuscripts that deviate from these guidelines will not be read or considered. Manuscripts are considered on a rolling basis throughout the year from January 1- October 1.  Due to our lengthy queue please allow 4-6 months for a response.  Simultaneous submissions are not encouraged but will be accepted.  In the body of your email please indicate if your manuscript is a simultaneous submission.


Manuscripts are accepted electronically, by email only to  We do not accept manuscripts via US Mail. 
Previously published poems, stories, essays, excerpts may be included in your manuscript.  Please provide publication acknowledgements (title of poem/story/essay, where and when published) in the body of your email.  We publish poetry, non-fiction, and short fiction chapbooks (40 pages or less).  We are no longer accepting children's illustrated books.  Clare Songbirds Publishing House reserves the right to refuse any manuscript.  We are no longer accepting children's book, full-length fiction, and specialty book submissions.


Submissions Format:


Enter the genre and your manuscript title as your subject line.  Enter your contact information, a brief bio and any publication acknowledgements in the body of the email.  Do not include any contact information or publication acknowledgements within your manuscript.  


Attach your manuscript as a single Microsoft Word document (either .doc or .docx is acceptable) or an Adobe .pdf file.  Manuscripts received in any other file format will not be read.  Do not paste manuscript into the body of your email: it must be sent as an attachment.  Remove all special formatting from your Word document before attaching it to your email.  No headers, footers, or hyperlinks but please include page numbers.  Please use page breaks, but do not use section breaks, tables, WordArt or other special formatting within your manuscript. Do not include images in your manuscript. Manuscripts should include a title page, table of contents, and the manuscript text only.  Poetry manuscripts must limit one poem per page, please insert a page break after each poem.


A cover letter is not required. However, we enjoy hearing about your literary process and goals, and how you heard about us!  For instance, did you see a post about Clare Songbirds Publishing House somewhere?   Did a friend or colleague suggest you send your manuscript?  Please feel free to share these tidbits in your email.





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