COVID-19 Update 


COVID-19 has impacted us all and while we are back to work, production and shipping are still backlogged.  We are striving to get caught up and we appreciate your patience during these difficult times.



Our Mission



Clare Songbirds Publishing House was established to provide a print forum for the creation of limited edition, fine art from poets and writers, both established and emerging.  We strive to reignite and continue a tradition of quality, accessible literary arts to the national and international community of writers, and readers.  We support our literary artists with high quality services and on-going support.  Chapbook manuscripts and art quality poetry broadsides are carefully chosen for their ability to propel the expansion of art and ideas in literary form.  We provide an accessible way to promote the art of words in order to resonate with, and impact, readers not yet familiar with the siren song of poets and writers.  Clare Songbirds Publishing House espouses a singular cultural development where poetry creates community and becomes commonplace in public places.




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